Author: kevinday

  • Episode 17: Baja Blast

    Spencer gets Jeff to try more Mountain Dew flavors. On a caffeine high, Jeff tells some tales of his love life. In D&D, the excitement reaches new heights when Jeff […]

  • Episode 16: Groucho Marx #%@$ed My Mom

    Spencer goes through a golden age of Mountain Dew flavors, we take a light hearted deep dive into religion, and Jeff shares fond memories of working with Sam Simon. Download […]

  • Episode 15: Side Character Eyes

    Spencer’s eyes typecast him in life, Jeff asks “What have you done?”, and Jeff saves Kevin’s new character from a sticky situation with some “tax collectors”. Download this video episode […]

  • Episode 14: The Subaru Outback of Toilet Paper

    Spencer gets a funnel from his doctor, Jeff talks Laser Fart, and Kevin starts rolling a D&D character. Download this video episode (1190MB) Audio only (104MB)   Starring: Jeff Bryan […]

  • Episode 13: Beef Moments

    Spencer has a kidney stone, Jeff fanboys for Malteasers and Paul Feig’s gin, and Fuzzy Knuckles remembers some precious beef moments we all shared. Download this video episode (981MB) Audio […]

  • Episode 12: The Calzone Tangent

    Moths, puns, moribund Asian porn, Chicken Moistness Chuck, Dallas Aforethought and more. Download this video episode (1181MB) Audio only (180MB)   Starring: Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Kevin DayExecutive Producer: […]

  • Episode 11: Ben Stiller’s Balls

    Rob Schrab is the guest, so we have a lot to unpack. Balzac, fauxchos with chiops, bad movies, Barry Bostwick, Jeff and Rob’s haunted apartment, bees and kissythumbs. Download this […]

  • Episode 10: Music for Plants

    Jeff starts venturing back out into the post lockdown world and realizes he may have changed over the last year. In D&D, Fuzzy Knuckles is faced with Big Copper being […]

  • Episode 9: Arsenio Calrissian

    Jeff impresses us with his expansive Star Wars knowledge, then tells us a story he might have told us once before. D&D brings Fuzzy Knuckles into some harrowing combat, but […]

  • Episode 8: Covid Side Boob

    Jeff and Spencer receive some racy fan art and engage in some chicken shaving improv. In D&D, Jeff discovers cowardice range. Download this video episode – no ads(735MB) Audio only […]